Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Friendship Church of Christ is a Christ-led, Spirit-powered community existing to glorify God in DeSoto County and beyond. We believe God called his people to be a blessing to the world (Genesis 12) and to bring everyone to know God (Exodus 19). To that end, Friendship’s primary purpose is to be a blessing to DeSoto County and to help our neighbors come into a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2). 

How do we accomplish our mission? By encouraging all members to take these three steps:

Reaching up through worship and sacrificial living. (All are encouraged to come to the many worship services we offer throughout the week).

Reaching in by cultivating meaningful relationships within our family community. (You can connect with others in one of our small groups. In these groups we study the Bible and encourage each other to live out God's Word in our lives. [Acts 2:42-47]).

Reaching out by inviting others to genuinely know Jesus Christ. (May we all take advantage of the many opportunities to serve through the ministries and outreach programs we offer.)

Friendship takes the above-stated mission seriously and considers it vital for the life of the congregation. We would love to welcome your family into our loving and serving congregation. We want our services to be moving, engaging and uplifting (John 4:24) – but MORE than all of that, we want to be true to God who is the Author of Truth (John 17:17) and the Way of Truth (John 14:6).

We believe in worship of God and we pray that our worship services are: spiritually uplifting; help you to transform your life daily by following Christ our Lord & savior; and cause you to fall at the feet of God with a loud Hallelujah!!